Funding Resources

Conference Travel

  • BUS Ph.D. Student Travel Funds
    The Ph.D. program provides $1500 per doctoral student to defray travel expenses to attend professional conferences. To qualify students must be in good standing, presenting original research at a major conference in their discipline. Applications are sent to the Ph.D. Program office.
    To apply please complete the Business Ph.D. Travel Request Form
  • Dissertator Travel Funds
    Doctoral students who have successfully completed their general examination are offered conference travel funding from the Graduate School. The BUS Ph.D. Program Office will coordinate the application and approval process.

Graduate Assistantship

An assistantship is awarded to a graduate student who provides teaching (teaching assistantship: TA) or research (research assistantship: RA) support to the University that is a part of his/her academic program. In recognition of this support, the tuition and a portion of health care (but not fees) are provided by the grant/contract funding agency or through the University. Effort devoted to the duties of a graduate assistantship typically range between 10 and 20 hours per week.

Most business doctoral students receive a 5 year graduate assistantship, which includes a tuition waiver, stipend of approximately $21,000 for the academic year and subsidized health insurance. This assistantship appointment is limited to 5 years, contingent on satisfactory progress in the degree program.


The NextGenCT Scholars Award is offered to outstanding new doctoral students. It guarantees four years of full support, assuming satisfactory progress toward the degree, and it consists of one year of support provided by The Graduate School paired with a minimum of three years of support provided by the host program or department. During the first year the student will receive a full assistantship for the academic year paired with a summer stipend, bringing the total stipend to $25,000 for the year. The host program or department will assign research responsibilities associated with the assistantship. Applicants are nominated by the academic departments.

Outstanding Scholars Program (OSP)

The Graduate School, along with participating academic departments and programs, offer a number of OSP awards for new outstanding doctoral students. The academic quality of the candidate and the nominating program serve as the primary criteria, with graduate faculty providing the recommendation during the spring semester for applicants who intend to commence graduate study in the subsequent fall semester.
Each award is provided by the Graduate School and includes an annual service-free fellowship, equivalent to a half-time graduate assistantship during the academic year and $2,000 in summer support for up to three years. The host program or department provides a half-time assistantship during the tenure of the Outstanding Scholars Award. Applicants are nominated by the academic departments.

Giolas-Harriott Fellowship & Crandall-Cordero Fellowship

The primary goal of the GHF and CCF Fellowship is to recruit and enhance the most academically qualified and promising students entering UConn graduate programs. Additionally, it is expected that all nominees demonstrate a commitment to enhancing diversity in higher education and/or a commitment to enhancing diversity in their field of study.

Giolas-Harriott Fellowship (GHF)

The GHF consists of equivalent to full assistantship (½ fellowship paired with ½ assistantship, both provided by The Graduate School, assistantship duties includes conducting research to progress forward with degree requirements) plus $2000 summer stipend for three years. After three years students is converted to a CCF and the graduate program  MUST provide a half-time graduate assistantship as a match to the CCF Fellowship and will provide the teaching or research duties associated with the graduate assistantship. Continuing support is contingent on satisfactory progress toward degree requirements.

Crandall-Cordero Fellowship (CCF)

The CCF consists of an annual service-free fellowship; equivalent to a half-time graduate assistantship during the academic year and $2,000 in summer support. Fellowships are guaranteed for two years for Master’s students and five years for Doctoral students. An appeal for an additional year of support is available under extenuating circumstances. Please contact Charmane Thurmand for more information. During  the duration of the fellowship, The Graduate School will fund 100% of the service-free fellowship. The graduate program MUST provide a half-time graduate assistantship as a match to the CCF Fellowship and will provide the teaching or research duties associated with the graduate assistantship. Continuing support is contingent on satisfactory progress toward degree requirements.

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

Pending budgetary approval, the Graduate School awards a limited number of $2,000 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships for advanced students in doctoral programs requiring a dissertation. The purpose is to enable students to place high priority on writing the doctoral dissertation as expeditiously as possible. Competitions are held in late fall and late spring each year. To be eligible, the student must have passed the doctoral General Examination and have obtained full approval of the Dissertation Proposal (including the use of any human or animal subjects or stem cells) and must meet the a maximum personal income limit(specified on the application form). Note that students based at the Health Center are not eligible to apply for this fellowship program. Application Procedures and Award Criteria: The application is posted on the Graduate School website approximately mid-October and mid-April each year. Notification of the posting is provided to potential applicants through venues such as the Daily Digest and Graduate Student Listserv. The application deadlines are in late-November and late-May, respectively.

PreDoctoral Fellowships

PreDoctoral Fellowships are intended to accelerate progress of recipients toward completion of doctoral requirements and may not be used for terminal Master’s students.The Graduate School provides funds that are divided among the five School of Business departments who allocate the award among their students.

CIBER Dissertation Research Support Awards

The University of Connecticut (UConn) is one of 33 universities nationwide designated as national resource centers for international business. In recognition of the excellence of the University’s existing global business programs, the School of Business at UConn has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to establish a Center for International Business Education and Research or CIBER. The UConn CIBER has been in existence since 1995. The CIBER program’s mandate is to enhance U.S. competitiveness.

The School’s Center for International Business Education and Research, provides funding for dissertation research that is related to international business. Applications are sent to directly to CIBER. Application requests are e-mailed to doctoral students in October-November each year. Funds must be used by September 30 of the following year.

  • Dissertation Support       If you are working on your dissertation and it has an international component, CIBER would be happy to review requests to cover specific expenses up to $1500. Please attach a proposal including information on your dissertation and a budget for your expenses to an email to CIBER at
  • Overseas Fellowship        CIBER will provide a grant to one Ph.D. student to visit a foreign institution for collaboration and research.  Interested students should submit a one page statement of interest including the institution they would like to visit, the timing of the proposed trip, the type of research and/or collaboration proposed, and a detailed budget (up to $1500).  Any documentation showing contact with the proposed institution should also be included.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Teaching Awards

The University and the individual academic departments recognize excellence in teaching by graduate students. Graduate students, in conjunction with a faculty member, may also apply for small grant awards for curriculum and teaching development.

Summer Instructor Stipends

Summer teaching opportunities are available to doctoral students with departmental approval. Instructors on average earn about $3,500 for teaching an undergraduate-level course.

Federal Forms of Financial Aid

The U.S. Government offers several forms of subsidized aid for all levels of university studies, including graduate studies. The types of aid include grants, loans, and work study. To be eligible, you must be either a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident. Financial aid awards are determined by calculating a student’s “need”, which is equal to the cost of pursuing an education minus the student’s contributions. In order to be considered for Federal Financial Aid, a student must complete a “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” (FAFSA). The FAFSA must be submitted after January 1 but before March 1 for the following academic year.