Operations and Information Management

The Operations and Information Management (OPIM) Ph.D. Program at UConn provides its students with the training necessary to conduct cutting-edge research in the broad areas of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Operations Management (OM). Students are guided through a curriculum that combines the research methods of Economics, Computer Science, Operations Management, Operations Research, and Statistics, with an emphasis on the scientific management of real businesses.

After completing their coursework and qualifying examinations, our Ph.D. students engage in original research that focuses on emerging technologies and algorithms, and their effects on businesses and the economy. Recent graduates have successfully defended dissertations with topics including: markets for distributed computing, online commerce, healthcare decision support, and measuring and managing the influence of “blogs.”

The OPIM department is unique in its wide range of interests and highly collaborative research environment. Students can work with professors on a research topic from the following list, or develop a related research topic in their own area of interest.

OPIM faculty now ranked #5 worldwide in research productivity! 
Based on publications in the premier INFORMS journals (Management Science, Operations Research, INFORMS Journal on Computing, and Information Systems Research)

Research topics

  • Auction theory and applications
  • Database design and security
  • Database management
  • Distributed computing and client/server technology
  • Electronic commerce
  • Economics of information and information systems
  • Healthcare information systems
  • Management of technology
  • Manufacturing systems, planning and strategy
  • Supply chain management
  • and More


Graduates have accepted faculty positions at Arizona State University, California Polytechnic State University, SUNY-Albany, SUNY-Buffalo, Northeastern University, and the Universities of Kansas, Maine, Texas, Utah, and Washington, as well as other major academic institutions.

OPIM PhD Faculty

Sulin Ba
Treibick Family Endowed Chair-Connecticut Information Technology Institute
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: electronic intermediaries (trusted third parties), e-service, online price dispersion, digital health communities, knowledge management, and virtual world economy

Miao Bai
Assistant Professor
PhD, Lehigh University
Research Interests: leveraging mathematical optimization, data analytics, and machine learning to develop effective and efficient solutions for complex problems arising in healthcare systems and medicine, including capacity and access management, real-time hospital operations management and medical decision making

David Bergman
Associate Professor
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Research Interests: decision diagrams, discrete optimization, integer programming, integration
of optimization techniques

Sudip Bhattacharjee
Professor, Chief of the Center for Big Data Research–US Census Bureau
PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo
Research Interests: data analytics in IT and operations, energy informatics, economics of digital goods and intellectual property rights, information systems economics, sustainable supply chains, process modeling and system dynamics

Carlos Cardonha
Assistant Professor
PhD, Technische Universitat Berlin
Research Interests: analytics, operations research, optimization, mathematical programming, and theoretical computer science

Jose M. Cruz
Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Research Interests: supply chain management, corporate social responsibility & sustainability, networks economics, systems dynamics, project management, business analytics

Robert Day
Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Co-Director, Management and Engineering for Manufacturing
PhD, University of Maryland
Research Interests: combinatorial auctions, optimization and auction theory, auction software development, matching and allocation problems, decision analysis, expected utility theory, network optimization, game theory and operations research, theory of computational complexity, and healthcare management

Moustapha Diaby
Associate Professor
PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo
Research Interests: mathematical programming; manufacturing systems modeling and analysis; operations and supply chain management; management of international development projects

Ugochukwu Etudo
Assistant Professor
PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Research Interests: application of ontology and knowledge engineering towards the provision of solutions to various business and social problems

Shu He
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: social media, mobile application market, online advertising, information security

Cuihong Li
Professor and Department Head
Co-Director, Management and Engineering for Manufacturing
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Research Interests: operations management, supply chain management, procurement and sourcing, incentives and mechanism design

Xinxin Li
Professor and MSBAPM Academic Director
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: online word of mouth, social media; economics of information systems, information systems and marketing, pricing and competitive strategies, digital markets

Chen Liang
Assistant Professor
PhD, Arizona State University
Research Interests: gig economy, platform economy, bias and discrimination, and artificial intelligence

Bowen Lou
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Tao Lu
Assistant Professor
PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Manuel Nunez
Associate Professor
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research Interests: operations research, statistical modeling and simulation, analytics and business intelligence, computer programming and data structures, genetic algorithms, security and confidentiality in database systems, operations management and manufacturing, supply chain management, convex optimization, stochastic models

Jing Peng
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: business analytics related to social media and digital marketing

Ramesh Shankar
Associate Professor
Research Interest: economics of digital goods; IS strategy; enterprise IT, ERP, CRM, data management; big data analytics, econometrics, machine learning, Hadoop, Spark, Stata

Jan Stallaert
Research Interest: information systems, eCommerce, electronic auctions, mathematical programming and applications, information technology

Lakshman Thakur
Associate Professor
Eng.Sc.D., Columbia University
Research Interest: development and applications of linear, nonlinear, and integer programming methods in management science and function approximations in optimization mathematics

Alex Tung
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Kentucky
Research Interest: innovations in e-markets

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