Admissions FAQ

The FAQ’s below provide answers to most of the common questions that we receive from prospective applicants.


When should I apply?

Business PhD applications are open. For full consideration, and to allow time for competitive scholarship nomination, apply by December 15. If you need an extension, please inquire with the PhD Program at .

Can I apply for Spring Admission?
We normally accept students only for Fall admission.

How can I get more information about the program?
Attend an “Explore a Career in Business Academia” information session, or send your question directly to us at

How can I apply?
Apply to the Ph.D. Program by using our online application found at Apply Online

Supplemental application materials must be sent electronically
** Unofficial transcripts, resume and statement of purpose
Uploaded FROM APPLICANT to on-line application

** 3 Letters of Recommendation
Uploaded FROM RECOMMEND-ER to on-line application

Are GMAT or GRE scores required?
Yes, applicants must submit a GMAT or GRE score for their application to be considered complete. All departments accept either test, but some departments have preference.

Accounting – GMAT preferred
Finance – GMAT preferred
Marketing – no preference
Management – no preference
OPIM – no preference

How do I register for the GMAT or GRE test?

GMAT test registration: GMAT.
GMAT test scores are sent to Institution code CV2-CO-20.

GRE test registration: Educational Testing Service (ETS)
GRE test scores are submitted to UConn (Storrs), test code 3915.

How important is the GMAT or GRE score in the admission decision and is there a minimum score requirement?
Standardized test scores are an important input in admissions decisions, but they are considered along with other factors such as prior academic record and qualifications, letters of recommendation, professional experience, and your statement of purpose. There is no minimum score required, but competitive applicants to the PhD Program typically score above 75% on either test.

Are TOEFL or IELTS scores required if I am an international applicant?
If English is not your primary language, you may be required to submit evidence of your proficiency in the English language. TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and Duolingo scores are only valid for two years (from original test date to submission of UConn application). It is possible to waive this requirement if your language of instruction was English, please refer to the waiver policy.

TOEFL test scores must be submitted to UCONN (Storrs), test code 3915.

Do I have to have a Masters degree in order to be admitted to the Ph.D. program?
A master’s degree is not essential for admission to our doctoral program.

I am a senior in college. Can I apply?
If you have shown outstanding academic performance in a Bachelor’s degree program, we would encourage you to apply.

What are doctoral faculty looking for in applicants?
Admission decisions are based on a comprehensive evaluation of an applicant’s file. We take into account the quality and rigor of your prior education, your grades, standardized test scores, work experience, recommendation letters, and motivation to undertake a doctoral program in business administration. We look for evidence that you are intellectually curious and creative, and that you can think and reason independently. We judge whether you have the ability to use abstract concepts and whether you have excellent verbal and quantitative skills. We also assess your fit with the research interests of the faculty in your preferred area of concentration.

Do you interview applicants?
Yes. If the faculty admission committee is interested in an application they will contact the applicant directly.

May I send you copies of some papers I have written?
Please include on your resume brief details of any papers you have written or published. We will contact you if we need copies of any of your papers.

What’s your policy on official transcripts?
Upload your unofficial academic credentials to the on-line application (from each college/university that you attend).  Admission decisions can be made based on your unofficial transcripts. However, you will not be fully admitted or enrolled into our program until your Official Transcripts are received.

Who should write my letters of recommendation and in what format?
We require applicants to submit three letters of recommendation, preferably from academic sources. We ask recommenders to supply us with information regarding the applicant’s academic and research capabilities and potential for success in a doctoral program.

What should I include in my statement of purpose?
Write an essay about your main strengths and why you wish to undertake a doctoral program in your intended area of concentration. As part of the essay, describe how the doctoral program fits into your long-term interests and objectives.

Is it possible to waive the application fee?
There are unique situations when the application fee is waived. For Business Ph.D. these include attendance in Ph.D. Project, ADS, DocNet or those  defined for eligibility by UConn’s Graduate School.

How many students are admitted?
The Ph.D. Program receives an average of 250 applications per year. Normally, 2-4 students per concentration are admitted each fall.

How and when will I know if you’ve received all of my application materials?
After you have completed and submitted your online application, you will be able to log back in to track the status of your application, as well as access your admissions decision online.

When will I hear about my admission and financial aid decision?
Admission decisions are typically made in March to early April. Please contact us if you have not heard from us by April 15.

What is included in a Graduate Assistantship?
Most students who are admitted into the Ph.D. Program receive a Graduate Assistantship (GA). The GA is renewable for four years (with satisfactory performance). The GA includes a tuition waiver, highly subsidized health insurance, and a stipend. The GA does not include university fees (fee charge is approximately $1,000 per semester, depending on number of credits).

Do you offer financial aid?
Most students admitted to our program are awarded Graduate Assistantships, including international students. The assistantship award provides funding for a total of five years, subject to satisfactory performance in the doctoral program. Our Graduate Assistantships offer a very competitive package of benefits including salary, full tuition waiver, and the opportunity to purchase highly subsidized health insurance.Our doctoral students are also eligible for several other sources of financial aid and research support. Stipend rates for graduate assistants are graduated in terms of progress toward the advanced degree and experience.

Are international students eligible for financial aid?
Yes. International students are eligible for Graduate Assistantships and fellowships.

What are the responsibilities of a Graduate Assistant?
Graduate Assistant duties include assisting a faculty member in research, course preparation, and grading; providing administrative and research support in one of our research centers; tutoring students and leading discussion sections; and full-responsibility teaching. Your exact responsibilities will depend upon your qualifications and your department’s needs.