The UConn Finance department has a wide range of faculty scholars publishing regularly in some of the top academic journals. The department is highly rated in Real Estate and Insurance specialties. The Real Estate group is ranked 6th, and the Insurance group is ranked 12th in US News and World Report's 2010 rankings.

The Ph.D. Program in Finance prepares students to conduct state-of-the-art research and to take faculty positions in business schools at leading universities. The program emphasizes: (1) student/faculty interaction; (2) flexibility in designing a program to meet individual needs; and (3) timely completion of the degree.

Research topics

  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Real options
  • Risk management
  • Financial intermediation
  • IPO’s
  • Event studies in Finance and Real Estate
  • Market frictions and asset pricing
  • House price indices
  • Real Estate market analysis
  • Capital structure
  • Mutual funds
  • Healthcare finance


Graduates have accepted faculty positions at Boise State University, Bangkok University, Concordia, Michigan State University, Texas Christian University, and Universities of Amsterdam, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina-Charlotte, Illinois-Chicago, New Mexico,  North Texas, Toledo, Utah, DePaul, Fairfield, and Hofstra.

Finance Ph.D. Faculty

Hang Bai
Assistant Professor of Finance
PhD, Finance, The Ohio State University
Research Interests: asset pricing, credit risk, macro finance, and international finance

Fred Carstensen
Professor of Finance
Director, CCEA
PhD, Yale University

Resul Cesur
Associate Professor of Healthcare Economics
PhD, Georgia State University
Research Interests: health economics, labor economics, and applied microeconomics

Jeffrey Cohen
Professor of Finance
PhD, University of Maryland at College Park
Research Interests: impact of airports on commercial and residential property values, property taxation, housing price spillovers across jurisdictions, the determinants of land values, and the impacts on REITs liquidity of own- and neighboring-states’ economic variable

Assaf Eisdorfer
Associate Professor of Finance
PhD, University of Rochester
Research Interests: corporate finance, financial distress, default

Meng Gao
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Illinois
Research Interests: financial market technology and information, political connections, informed trading, hedge funds.

Chinmoy Ghosh
Professor of Finance & Finance Department Head, Gladstein Professor of Business and Innovation
PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Research Interests: efficiency of the capital market, corporate governance, managerial decision-making, stock prices, risk management, real estate

Carmelo Giaccotto
Professor of Finance
PhD, University of Kentucky
Research Interests: financial econometrics, term structure of the equity cost of capital for pharmaceutical firms, personal investments, real estate price indexes, effects of pensions on managerial behavior

John Glascock
Professor of Finance
Director, Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics

PhD, University of North Texas
Research Interests: real estate-REITS, housing policy, valuation finance, investments and capital markets

Joseph Golec
Professor of Finance
PhD, Washington University, St. Louis
Research Interests: investments, financial institutions, mutual funds, corporate finance, real estate, health finance, regulation

Shantaram Hegde
Professor of Finance
PhD, University of Massachusetts
Research Interests: corporate finance, market microstructure and risk management

John Knopf
Associate Professor of Finance, Director of Undergraduate and PMBA, Stamford
PhD, New York University
Research Interests: law and economics, corporate control, managerial compensation, banking

Andrew Jing Liu
Assistant Professor
DBA, Harvard Business School

Research interests: fair value, earnings management, reporting, disclosure, market microstructure.

Jose Martinez
Assistant Professor of Finance
PhD, Columbia University
Research Interests: capital markets and investments, institutional asset management, investor behavior
household finance

Shane Murphy
Assistant Professor of Healthcare Economics
PhD, Lancaster University
Research interests: measurement of health, measurement of healthcare provision, health inequality, and determinants of health.

Yiming Qian
Professor of Finance and Toscano Family Chair in Finance
PhD, NYU Stern School of Business
Research Interests: varying topics in corporate finance, including initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, behavioral finance, and emerging markets

Jaideep Shenoy
Assistant Professor of Finance
PhD, Georgia State University
Research Interests: corporate finance, product and labor market interactions, banking competition

Ahn Tran
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Rochester
Research Interests: empirical asset pricing, mutual funds, financial econometrics, and corporate governance

Alex Van de Minne
Assistant Professor of Real Estate
PhD, University of Amsterdam
Research Interests: commerical property asset pricing

Lingling Wang
Assistant Professor of Finance
PhD, Georgia State University
Research Interests: corporate finance (especially executive compensation and corporate governance), the influence of culture on finance, and international finance.

Fan Yang
Assistant Professor of Finance
PhD, University of Minnesota
Research Interests: theoretical and empirical asset pricing, macroeconomics

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