Plan of Study

Each Ph.D. student must work with his or her major advisor and associate advisors to develop a formal plan of study, which specifies the student’s planned course work. The plan of study must meet the course work requirements in the student’s field of concentration and submitted to the Graduate School when the student has completed not more than twelve credits of course work to be applied to the degree.The student may not take the General Examination before the Plan of Study has been fully approved by the Graduate School. Once the Plan of Study is approved, the student and the advisory committee should reevaluate it regularly and modify it, following the established procedure, if appropriate. Any request for change must be submitted to the Graduate School on an official form bearing the signatures of the members of the advisory committee and the student.

Form: Plan of Study

Form: Change of Plan of Study

Paper flow: Original form to Graduate School – Copy to Ph.D. program office