Program Requirements

Depending upon the concentration, doctoral students are required to take between 37 and 49 credits of coursework. Students take most of their classes in their first two years. Students typically take 2-4 classes each semester.

All doctoral students must complete course work that spans four broad categories:

  • Orientation
  • Research Methods
  • Major Area of Concentration
  • Supporting Courses.

At least 15 credits of GRAD 6950 (Dissertation Research) are required. This represents the research effort the student devotes to the dissertation. For details of minimum course credits per department, refer to the Areas of Study.

Doctoral students in the School of Business must also complete a qualifying research paper, pass a general examination in the area of concentration, and successfully complete a dissertation. The major advisor provides feedback in the form of a written evaluation each year. Criteria used in the evaluation include, but are not limited to, are grades, active participation in department seminars, progress in research, and teaching performance.

In addition to the requirements set forth by the School of Business and the individual academic departments, the Graduate School has a set of requirements doctoral students must complete in order to receive a degree from the University. Please review the Graduate Catalog for more information about these requirements.