PhD Coordinator: Todd Kravet

The Ph.D. program in Accounting is designed to engage students in top quality scholarly research and to take faculty positions at leading universities upon graduation. The curriculum focuses on economics-based, empirical research in accounting, with particular emphasis on capital markets, audit, and tax. Students are prepared to conduct original research of accounting issues using economic theories and archival methods. The program sets students up for success by developing their research skills and foundation of knowledge, as well as fostering their creativity, initiative, and perseverance. There are many opportunities for improving written and oral communication and for engagement with faculty, including on joint research projects. Students also have access to a wide array of data and software and they regularly attend national academic conferences.

Alina Lerman
Associate Professor, Accounting
Ph.D., New York University

Research Topics

Faculty in accounting conduct research on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Accounting standards-setting
  • Analyst activities
  • Auditing
  • Corporate financial reporting issues
  • Disclosure (mandatory and voluntary)
  • Initial public offerings
  • Internal controls
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Taxes and business decisions
  • Tax policy


Graduates have accepted faculty positions at Bentley College, California State University-Los Angeles, Colorado State University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Arkansas, University of Hong Kong, Coast Guard Academy, CUNY - Baruch, Florida Atlantic University, Fordham, George Mason, Northeastern and Villanova, and the Universities of Georgia, Massachusetts, Nebraska-Lincoln, Nevada-Reno, North Carolina, SUNY-Albany, Notre Dame, Rhode Island, Rutgers, and Wisconsin.

Accounting PhD Faculty

Vishal Baloria
Associate Professor of Accounting 
PhD, University of Waterloo
Research interests: empirical/archival research on reporting, disclosure, operational and investment decisions, with a particular focus on political incentives. 

Wei Chen
Assistant Professor of Accounting
PhD, University of Iowa
Research interests: empirical financial accounting, with a focus on financial reporting, disclosure, and methodological issues

Will Docimo
Assistant Professor of Accounting
PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Research interests: auditing, auditor competence, audit complexity, and financial reporting

John Elliott
Dean, School of Business, and Auran J. Fox Chair in Business
PhD, Cornell University
Research interests: the role of accounting information in financial analysis and contracts

Guojin Gong
Associate Professor of Accounting & Deloitte Foundation Faculty Fellow
PhD, University of Iowa
Research interests: executive compensation, voluntary disclosure, managerial incentives in financial reporting

Todd Kravet
Associate Professor of Accounting & PhD Coordinator
PhD, University of Washington
Research Interests: audit fees, mergers and acquisitions, economic consequences of financial reporting, measuring accounting quality

Alina Lerman
Associate Professor of Accounting
PhD, New York University
Research Interests: financial accounting and capital markets, investor sophistication, corporate mandatory and voluntary disclosure, and accounting regulation

Frank Murphy
Assistant Professor of Accounting
PhD, University of Arizona
Research Interests: corporate tax policy and disclosure

George Plesko
Professor of Accounting & Department Head
PhD, University of Wisconsin
Research Interests: business taxation, tax policy

Steven Utke
Associate Professor of Accounting & Arthur Andersen, LLP Accounting Professorship
PhD, University of Georgia
Research Interests: taxation, disclosure, auditing, institutional owners, and private equity/hedge funds

Tara L. Vakil
Assistant Professor of Accounting
PhD, Texas A&M University
Research Interests: financial reporting quality, voluntary disclosure policy, corporate governance, and the effects of changes in accounting regulation

David Weber
Professor of Accounting & Deloitte Foundation Professor
PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder
Research Interests: empirical, economics-based research in financial reporting and taxation

Michael Willenborg
Professor of Accounting & Richard F. Kochanek Professor
PhD, Penn State University
Research Interests: financial accounting, audit

Nina Xu
Assistant Professor of Accounting
PhD, Texas A&M University
Research Interests: media, regulation, financial reporting, and audit

Yanhua Sunny Yang
Associate Professor of Accounting
PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder
Research Interests: empirical research in financial accounting, impact of credit ratings on capital markets, information in equity financial analyst forecasts, influence of earnings quality on market participants

Ying Zhou
Associate Professor of Accounting & Ackerman Scholar, Accounting Department 
PhD, University of Florida
Research Interests: financial misreporting, insider trading, and the role of gatekeepers in capital markets

Youli Zou
Assistant Professor of Accounting
PhD, University of Toronto
Research Interests: disclosure, hedge accounting, competition, and banking

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Accounting applications review begins December 15th. Business PhD applications are accepted from September until the fall cohort is complete.

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