Ph.D. Travel Form

This form is only for current UConn School of Business Doctoral Students.

Purpose of the form:

  • To inform the Ph.D. Program and your department that you are traveling.
  • To determine funding and routing of travel documents.


  1. What involvement in conferences will be covered?
    1. “Active participation” in a conference, defined as presentation of the student’s own research, either sole-authored or co-authored, in a paper session, poster session, or symposium.
    2. Priority will be given to active participation in a major (i.e., highly prestigious) conference in the student’s field.
    3. Being a discussant of other scholars’ research in a conference session, or chairing a conference session in which other scholars present their research, is NOT covered by this policy.
  2. Who is eligible?
    1.  Doctoral students at all stages of their program who are in good standing. “Good standing” is defined as making normal progress with satisfactory performance toward completion of program requirements (e.g., coursework, qualifying paper, general exam) and obtaining the Ph.D. degree.
  3. What limits are there on travel support?
    1.  Support will only be given if the student has exhausted all other available support. For example, students are currently eligible for $750 in support for travel to conferences from the Graduate School after they have successfully completed their general exam.
    2.  The total amount of awards will be limited to $1500 per student per fiscal year (July – June).

Form Instructions

Please fill out the form PRIOR to traveling or making travel arrangements. The form will be emailed to Nancy Crouch.