Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ’s below provide answers to most of the common questions that we receive from prospective applicants.

What concentrations do you offer?
Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Operation and Information Management (OPIM) .

How long does it take to complete the program?
The average time to completion is 5 years.

Can I study part-time?
No, our Ph.D. Program is strictly a full-time program.

Can I take all of my classes in the evening?
No. While some courses may occasionally meet in the evenings, the majority of the courses meet during the day.

Can I keep my job while in the program?
No.  Students must dedicate themselves full-time to their studies and interactions with faculty and students. Students who are awarded full-time assistantships are prohibited from seeking outside employment.

Are courses offered at campuses other than in Storrs?
Most departments offer doctoral courses on the Storrs campus. The OPIM concentration has some PhD required and optional courses located at the Hartford campus.

How large is the program?
There are 50-60 students in all phases of the program. We strive to maintain a one-to-one ratio between doctoral faculty and students.

How is student progress in the program evaluated?
Students are expected to complete their required coursework in a timely manner, and must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. Doctoral students in the School of Business must also complete a qualifying research paper, pass a general examination in the area of concentration, and successfully complete a dissertation. The major advisor provides  feedback in the form of a written evaluation each year. Criteria used in the evaluation include, but are not limited to, are grades, active participation in department seminars, progress in research, and teaching performance.

Do I need to have a research topic before entering the program?
No. Most of our students identify a preferred area of research or expertise only after entering the doctoral program.

How can I find out about faculty research interests and areas of expertise?
Many of our faculty have national and international reputations for their research. To learn more about faculty research interests and recent publications visit the Faculty Directory for a list of faculty by concentration.

How much formal coursework is required in the program?
Depending upon your concentration, you will be required to take between 37 and 49 credits of coursework.

How many classes will I be taking each semester?
You will be taking most of your classes in your first two years. Students typically take 2-4 classes each semester.

What other requirements are there to the Ph.D. Program?
In addition to the requirements set forth by the School of Business and the individual academic departments, the Graduate School has a set of requirements doctoral students must complete in order to receive a degree from the University. Please review the Graduate Catalog for more information about these requirements.

Can I get teaching experience while I’m in the program?
Yes. Virtually all of our students teach undergraduate-level courses, either as part of their assistantship duties or for a salary stipend in the summer.

What is the role of a faculty advisor?
The role of your faculty advisor is to mentor and assist students in the planning and completion of their doctoral studies. Upon admission to the program, students are assigned a faculty advisor. As research interests are defined the major advisor is changed.

Will I have an office and access to computers?
All of our Ph.D. students are assigned office spaces. Offices are shared by students in the same area of concentration, and new students are given the opportunity to interact with returning students. Computers with access to the School network and the Internet are available in the student offices and in the Ph.D. Computer Lab.

What is the typical career path for your Ph.D.s?
We prepare students to conduct high quality, state-of-the-art research and to take faculty positions at leading universities. The program is oriented toward those who have a serious interest in both scholarly research and teaching, and the majority of our graduates accept Assistant Professor positions upon graduation.

Do you host doctoral students from other universities, and how do I apply?
Who is eligible?

It is the visiting student’s responsibility to make travel and housing arrangements.  Funding is not provided. There is no restriction for year in program. Each request is evaluated independently.

How do I apply to visit UConn?

All applications from doctoral students at partner institutions should be sent to the School of Business, Ph.D. Program office and must include; (1) a statement of purpose explaining your research interests and objectives of your proposed visit, (2) a current vita, (3) a supporting letter from your advisor, and (4) other supporting information such as transcripts, test scores, etc.

What happens next?

The BUS Ph.D. Program Director will review all requests in consultation with the relevant department. Decisions about requests will be based on (1) assessment of the fit between the student’s research interests and expertise with departmental faculty research interests and expertise and (2) the expressed willingness of a School of Business department to host the student.

If student is accepted, a “welcome letter” will come from the hosting department.

What is the Student Speaker Series?
The purpose of the Student Speaker Series is to enhance the research culture of the School of Business. Doctoral students invite and host a speaker with research that is of particular of interest to them. Our doctoral students have had great success in furthering their network and sometimes finding collaboration with our visiting faculty speakers.