The UConn School of Business Ph.D. Program offers areas of study in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Operation and Information Management (OPIM).

Our fully funded Ph.D. in Business program prepares students to conduct high quality, state-of-the-art research and to take faculty positions at leading universities. The program is oriented toward ambitious students who have a serious interest in both scholarly research and teaching, and the majority of our graduates accept Assistant Professor positions upon graduation.

Program Format

This Ph.D. Program is strictly a full-time program, with the average time to completion is 5 years. While some courses may occasionally meet in the evenings, the majority of the courses meet during the day. Doctoral courses in the School of Business are offered only at the University’s main campus in Storrs, Connecticut.

Students dedicate themselves full-time to their studies and interactions with faculty and students. Students who are awarded full-time assistantships are prohibited from seeking outside employment.

There are 50-60 students in all phases of the program. We strive to maintain a one-to-one ratio between doctoral faculty and students.

All of our Ph.D. students are assigned office spaces. Offices are shared by students in the same area of concentration, and new students are given the opportunity to interact with returning students. Computers with access to the School network and the Internet are available in the student offices and in the Ph.D. Computer Lab.