Admissions Profile

We seek to recruit and admit doctoral students who have the ability and motivation to conduct scholarly research. We consider the quality and rigor of your prior education and grades, test scores, work experience, recommendation letters, and motivation to undertake a doctoral program in business administration. We look for evidence that you are intellectually curious, have the ability to use abstract concepts, and have excellent verbal and quantitative skills. We also assess your fit with the research faculty in your intended area of concentration. Admission decisions are made by the faculty in the applicant’s area of concentration and a school-wide Ph.D. Admissions Committee.

Admissions Profile (Fall 2014)

Applications:  244
Accepted: 3%

Admit Profile (Fall 2014)

Non-US   57%
GMAT (range)   640-750
GPA (range)   3.33-4.0

Current Program Profile (2014-2015)

# of Students:  49 (25 Course phase, 24 ABD)
Average Age: 31
Women: 53%
Non-US: 62%

Countries Represented:  8*
*  China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Turkey, and United States